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In Columbus, more and more businesses and homeowners are switching to wireless security. Wireless security offers far greater flexibility, more powerful tools and infrastructure, and greater levels of safety. At Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions, we are one of Columbus, Ohio’s leading suppliers of wireless security for both private and commercial customers, with affordable pricing and excellent service to match our top of the line security systems.

Wireless Security Cameras vs. Traditional Cameras

Wireless security cameras are cameras that do not require expensive, ugly, or complicated wiring. They transmit via a signal directly to a wireless receiver. This receiver can then be accessed on any device that can access the internet, including:


  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops and Personal Computers


Highly secure, these devices give you far greater control over your security, providing countless benefits for both homeowners and businesses.  

Residential Wireless Security Cameras

At Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions, residential wireless security cameras allow homeowners to monitor their home from anyplace with internet access. Popular with parents, these security cameras can help you do more than protect your home – they can help you find out whether your kids have arrived home from school, if there are security concerns anywhere in the house, or even if your pet is spending too much time on your furniture when you’re away.

Great for those that travel and used often by those that prefer more control over their home security, our home wireless surveillance camera systems in Columbus provide more flexibility and protection than traditional CCTV systems, and often more affordable as well.

Commercial Wireless Security Cameras

Many businesses and commercial properties also rely on wireless security camera systems to monitor their properties from anywhere in the building. Business owners can use them to watch their store (or their employees) while they’re away, and security can make sure that they keep an eye on all areas of the store even while they have left to deal with a problem.

Commercial wireless cameras in Columbus are already being used often to reduce thefts, and aid in the protection of your goods, information, and employees, and Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions can help you work towards achieving that goal.

Our Wireless Security Camera Systems in Columbus and Across Ohio

We have a variety of wireless security camera systems available for both business owners and homeowners, including:


  • Outdoor Security Cameras
  • CCTV and DVR Camera Systems
  • IP Security Cameras
  • Night Vision Security Cameras


We also provide some of the top systems in the nation for those that need it, including monitoring and Qolsys. If you’re interested in learning more about our wireless security cameras and monitoring services, click here or call us today at (614) 932-1444.