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Monitoring your home is crucial for your protection. In Columbus, Ohio, where burglaries are a constant problem, outdoor security cameras remain one of the most important components of effective security monitoring. At Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions, we provide a broad range of high quality, modern, and durable outdoor security cameras that are ideal for surveillance, at prices that won’t hurt your budget.

Benefits of Outdoor Capable Security Cameras

The primary benefit of any type of visible security camera is to provide an effective deterrent for potential criminals. Those that are scoping out properties look to see what security is available, and whether or not the home or business would be an easy target. Working outdoor security cameras tell criminals that you care about your security, and push them to leave your property alone.

Security cameras that are made for outdoor use also have many advantages that are ideal for safely monitoring your property, including:


  • Weather Resistant – The best outdoor security cameras can withstand harsh weather to continue delivering excellent security.
  • Features for Time of Day – The best outdoor surveillance systems are equipped with lenses and technology that can monitor properties day or night.
  • Safer Power Supply – The power supply for outdoor cameras is designed to be even more durable, to prevent water and weather from creating shortages.


Many outdoor security cameras are also created with built in motion sensors, and can be connected directly to 24 hour recording and monitoring devices, including wireless monitoring, to make sure that you are able to watch your property any time of day.

For Both Business and Home Protection

Our Columbus outdoor security cameras can be set up to provide you with 24 hour surveillance of any area of your property, with different cameras depending on the size of your property and your needs. We have cameras that are excellent for high security businesses, where reliable monitoring is crucial, as well as affordable security cameras for homeowners that want to monitor their outdoors not just for criminals, but also to make sure their children are playing safely.

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Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions is the leader in affordable Columbus outdoor video surveillance, and we’re confident that we have the tools and experience to connect you with the perfect security camera system for your needs, budget, and protection. We’re a family owned, local business that has won the Angie’s Super Service Award 5 years in a row, and we are one of the only security companies to also offer 24/7 live monitoring for those that request it.

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