If you picture a home that is protected from intruders, the first thing you imagine is an alarm system that notifies the authorities of an illegal entry and scares the intruders away. Yet it’s surprising how many Dublin homes are not equipped with their own alarm system. While Dublin is a safe place – one of the factors that keeps it safe is the number of homes that have excellent security coverage. Those homes that are not protected open themselves up to potential burglars and intruders.

Our Dublin, Ohio Alarm System Service

Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions is a family owned, local alarm system company with some of the best alarm services available in all of Ohio. We have won Angie’s List’s Super Service award 5 separate years, and continue to provide unmatched quality in residential security. Our Dublin, Ohio alarm systems are:

  • Affordable – We offer some of the most affordable pricing for alarm system installation, with the latest in sensitive technology and ease of use.
  • Effective – Set up your alarms to sound loudly. Deter crime and make criminals flee faster, or prevent crimes altogether as an effective deterrent.
  • Reliable – Our alarm systems are reliable, with optional 24/7 security monitoring to keep you safe. They are nearly impossible to disable and work effectively each and every time.

Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions has the latest in high tech security, providing custom alarm solutions for the outside or inside of your home.

Additional Fire Protection

Alarm systems also have the added benefit of providing immediate fire protection – perfect when both home and away, to ensure that you, your family, and your entire home are at less risk for fire damage. Our fire protection services notify the fire department immediately when there is a fire notice, and set an alarm so that anyone inside of your home knows they need to evacuate.

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Our family owned business is the best residential security company in Ohio, and we are confident that our services will offer you the protection and peace of mind you have always wanted. If you’re interested in learning more about our Dublin alarm systems, call us today at 614-932-1444.