Outdoor Night Vision Camera. Photo courtesy of https://www.alarm.com/

Ask any homeowner or commercial property owner when they feel the most at risk, and the answer will be at night. Businesses often have trained security personnel in the day, but many of them go home at night while the business is locked up. Homeowners are rarely worried about their belongings when it’s bright out and their home is easy to see, but at night is when they are asleep and feel most vulnerable.

In order to address these concerns, you may want to use a security camera with advanced night vision, available in Columbus at Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions. Night vision security cameras provide you with far greater control over your environment, and can be used in almost every type of setup.

Single Cameras and Entire Camera Systems Available

For the home or the business, night vision security cameras are capable of seeing in both low lighting and no lighting (depending on the camera). There are many different camera options depending on the level of security you need, including indoor and outdoor cameras, cameras capable of day and night vision, and hidden cameras.

Many of our Columbus night vision camera clients add night vision cameras to an existing security system. Yet in some cases, only a night vision system may be necessary, especially if the area you are trying to monitor is inaccessible during the day.

How Our Columbus Night Vision Surveillance Cameras Work

There are many different types of night vision cameras. Nearly all of them work by sensing infrared lighting. Some of the more high end cameras detect natural infrared lighting in a variety of objects. Others use small LED lights to create infrared lighting, which is then picked up upon reflection by its sensors. There are also some cameras designed to work in very low levels of lighting, without the need for infrared.

At Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions, we carry IR cameras for Columbus businesses and homeowners that need that added level of night protection. Our cameras are:

  • State of the Art – Equipped with the latest technological options.
  • Affordable – We do our best to keep prices as low as possible.
  • Reliable – We only provide the most reliable, longest lasting cameras available.

Night vision cameras are just one of the many options that we have available for those that want to protect their properties day or night. If you find that your property is in need of some type of night time protection, or you need a camera for a dark area that may not see lighting throughout the day, click here or contact Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions today at (614) 932-1444. Let’s discuss your specific camera and security needs, and make sure that we set you up with the right camera option for your Columbus, Ohio property.