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In the world of security, the easier it is to monitor your property, the safer you will be. Most people are not at their property (home or office) 24 hours a day, and even those that are sometimes find themselves away from their traditional monitoring areas.

For those that want to be able to access their security cameras from wherever they may be, there are IP Security Cameras from Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions, an Ohio based company awarded Angie’s Lists’ Super Service Award 5 years in a row.

What is an IP Security Camera?

IP Security Cameras are used by both Columbus small business owners and homeowners to monitor properties from anywhere with an internet connection. Rather than send the data to a DVR through a CCTV system, IP Security Cameras upload the video live, directly onto the internet on a secure website address, allowing to be accessed by anywhere with an internet connection.

The result is a security system that can be monitored anywhere with an internet connection, whether you’re inside of your home or on vacation across the world.

Why Get A Networked Digital Video Camera?

IP Security Cameras provide you with complete freedom for your security monitoring needs. With a phone, tablet, or computer, you can access the personal website dedicated to your security and make sure that you are able to watch over your property as needed. IP Security cameras may also be equipped with many special features, including:

  • Digital Zoom
  • Image Capture
  • Two Way Audio Communication

You can choose the type of camera based on your specific needs, including cameras with significant encryption capabilities, cameras with the ability to operate without a power supply, and cameras that can be adjusted based on your commands from your security monitoring center, so that you can pan, tilt, or otherwise move the camera as needed without touching the system manually.

There are also internet security cameras that can have anywhere from 1 megapixel to almost 30, with new technology released every day. This allows you to find the ideal IP camera for the quality of video you need at the budget you have available.

IP Security Cameras in Columbus, Ohio from Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions

IP security camera systems are just one of the many different options we have available at Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions. If you know you need an internet security monitoring system, or you’re not sure of your security needs, we encourage you to click here or call us today at (614) 932-1444.

We’re confident that we can help you figure out which products best suit your security needs, and start equipping your home or commercial property with the ideal security camera system to keep your home or business safe.