No one feels truly protected when alone. That’s why it’s so important to consider investing in security monitoring – 24/7 protection and support from the dangers that may occur. From fires to burglaries to attacks, those in Columbus, Ohio don’t just want to feel protected – they want to BE protected, knowing that someone, somewhere is there to support them in an emergency.

In Columbus, there are 15,000 burglaries every year. That’s 41 per day, almost 2 every hour. Criminals attack during the day, at night, when you’re home and when you’re away. At Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions, we can connect your home directly to a security monitoring service, and provide you with valuable protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when you and your family are home or away.

Our Columbus Home Security Monitoring Service

At Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions, we are one of the most popular local providers of home security monitoring. We have 24 hour support available, 365 days a year, monitoring your security system for alarms and responding quickly if there is a problem. Our team gets pinged the moment that an alarm is triggered, and will follow up appropriately based on the problem identified.

Our Columbus security monitoring service is designed to ensure that you have someone with you as soon as an alarm goes off.

Why Our Home Monitoring Service in Columbus?

We are a family owned, local Columbus company that understands residential security. Our Columbus security monitoring services are an excellent addition to your home security needs, because they provide:

  • Constant and Immediate Support – Home or away, you know you’re protected. With 24 hour support that never takes a holiday, you can be certain that no matter where you are, your Columbus home is being watched by individuals that are trained in responding to alarms.
  • Fast Action – When you’re faced with any type of danger, it can be hard to find a phone and call the appropriate authorities. In some cases that action may not even be possible. With our security monitoring services, someone will respond right away, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, and you can get the appropriate authorities there in little time.
  • Effective Deterrent – Alarm monitoring is also an effective deterrent to crime, so that you are less likely to become a victim AND more likely to get a rapid response from authorities.

We make sure that whenever an alarm sounds there is someone to respond. Our alarm security monitoring services in Columbus are also highly affordable, and some insurance companies will provide discounts to homeowners that have their own alarm security monitoring service.

Fire Alarms and Reporting

Our home monitoring service is not just for preventing burglaries either. It is also for reporting on other issues, such as fire. If there is a fire in your home or property, our monitoring services will be notified of it immediately and respond as quickly as possible. Our fire reporting service is beneficial both when you are in your home and when you are away, keeping your entire property safer from a fire and reducing losses to your home and the neighborhood.

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We are the local choice for residential security, with monitoring services that can watch over your entire property so that you don’t have to. Make sure that your Columbus home has greater peace of mind and protection by calling us today at 614-932-1444. Find out more about our rates, or learn more about our company and why we are one of the leaders in local residential Columbus security.