See what you care about in real time with interactive video monitoring services from Ultimate Technology & Security, a leading Columbus, OH based provider of home security cameras and surveillance systems.

Interactive home security camera being monitored on cell phone

According to various estimates, as many as 15,000 burglaries will occur in Columbus in 2015 alone. Yet criminals also do not simply hit every house they can, hoping to make a few bucks. They look at many houses in the area and decide who they want to target, why, and how to make sure that they do not get caught.

One of the keys to keeping your home safe is to make sure that criminals know that hitting your home is a high risk endeavor, and that if they want to rob someone safely, they are better off looking elsewhere.

Benefits of Your Own Columbus Home Security Camera System

If you want to make sure that your Columbus, Ohio home is as secure as possible, you should strongly consider a home security camera system from Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions. Our affordable security camera systems are some of the best tools currently available for protecting a property, as well as monitoring your family.

Security cameras are used by both companies and individuals all over Ohio because they work. They provide a variety of security benefits that include:

  • Deterrent – Interestingly, the greatest safety feature of the security camera is the presence of the camera itself. Criminals target homes based on how easy it is for them to snatch items without getting caught. The presence of security cameras prevents criminals from seeing your home as a potential target. That is why many of our clients request that we install the security cameras in visible locations.
  • Live Video – Home security cameras also provide you with access to live video monitoring, so that monitor who is near or around your home, where your kids are, and much more. In some cases these can be monitored with a home security app, that allows you to tap into your video feeds and see what your cameras see 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Catch Criminals – If your video monitors are hooked up to a recording device and you are hit by burglar, or something happens inside of your home and you need to find out what occurred, you can look back on the video and use it to get an idea of what happened, and possibly bring criminals to justice.

Our Columbus home security cameras are also a great way to monitor day to day aspects of life, such as what the babysitter is doing, whether your kids have come home from school, and even if your dog is okay while being left alone. In addition to providing home security, these cameras give you a useful monitoring tool for your entire household.

Columbus, Ohio Home Security Camera Services

At Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions, we provide security cameras for the entire Greater Columbus area. We are a family owned, local business that has been consistently rated one of the best in customer satisfaction on websites like Angie’s List, and we make it our mission to ensure that you receive the highest quality technology and best installation for your budget. We also provide a full suite of security camera services, including:

  • Installation – We are industry leaders in affordable, working installation of your security systems.
  • Maintenance – We are available to maintain your security system if you find any problems, or check in once in a while to make sure your system can continue operating.
  • Repair – We offer affordable repair solutions, and can recommend replacement for those systems that are no longer effectively operational.

Our affordable and effective solutions can help keep your home safe from criminals, with a variety of features and tools that make your entire residence more secure. If you are interested in learning more about our Columbus, Ohio home security camera services, give us a call today at 614-932-1444. Our experts are happy to tell you more about the security solutions available, and provide you with a no obligation quote.