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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Security System

Unless you're part of a franchise with identical appearance policies, no two commercial buildings are the same. Some are plain on the outside and luxurious on the inside, some have a breathtakingly beautiful garden while other have a 15th floor view. Whether you've got a modest little hardware store that's your pride and joy or [...]

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Crime Stats in Central Ohio Communities | How Dublin Fights Back

Crime stats in Central Ohio communities, especially Dublin, can be daunting to those who are considering moving to the community. The community leaders strive to decrease the statistics, but, at times, the statistics are not in anyone's favor. Knowing the crime stats helps families protect themselves, but higher statistics of crime should not deter a [...]

Crime Stats in Powell, Ohio | Enhancing Your Security So You Aren’t a Statistic

Powell, Ohio, is a comparatively safe area. Crime in this area is 71% lower than throughout the rest of Ohio, with 94% less violent crime than the Ohio average. This safe little area seems like the perfect place to raise a family. You might even think, at first glance, that in a safe area like [...]

Delaware Beware | Crime Stats in Central Ohio Communities

Crime statistics in Central Ohio communities reflect that if you live on the outer fringes of Delaware, Ohio, that’s where residents should “beware”.  Compiled data on crime reveals just how dangerous Delaware, Ohio is, or, is not, depending on other cities you may be comparing it to. Overall, compared to national averages, Delaware enjoys an [...]

Crime Stats in Central Ohio Communities: Serene Sunbury, Ohio

Learning the crime stats in central Ohio communities is an important part of living in the state, whether a family is moving there, or has lived there for years. Understanding the crime rate, and the type of most prevalent crime, helps families protect themselves and the homes they've worked to obtain. Sunbury: A Family Community [...]