Columbus Businesses at Risk

Columbus is home to nearly 57,000 businesses, and has one of the strongest economies in Ohio. The economy in Columbus is also extremely diverse, with no specific industry, making it one of the stronger economies even in the face of tougher economic times. Overall, Columbus is a great place for local and national businesses to grow and thrive, and the entire city has been benefiting.

Yet crime in Columbus is still very high – higher than much of the rest of Ohio – and for the average business, that can often spell trouble. That is why many businesses call Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions – the number one commercial alarm and security system installation and maintenance company in Columbus.

Businesses in the Columbus Area

Better Business Security Starts with Better Technology

At Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions, we provide local Columbus businesses with modern and effective security solutions, in order to ensure that every business has an affordable and comprehensive way to monitor their company, whether employees are at work or elsewhere.

Our modern business security technology includes a dedicated wireless communication system, which isn’t exposed to common vulnerabilities such as phone/broadband line cuts or unpredictable internet connections that can drop in a power outage.

Total Coverage Provides Ultimate Protection

There is no denying that business alarms and active monitoring are simply some of the best ways to protect your business. Alarms are a natural deterrent. With so many different companies that a criminal can target, most will not bother with one that has an alarm that is easy to trigger when you try to break in.

In addition, if a criminal does attack a business with an active alarm, the criminal will be likely to leave more quickly with less goods, knowing that their whereabouts are being announced and that authorities are on the way. So not only will you be less likely to become the target of a criminal, but any criminal that does decide to target your business will leave with less of your property.

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Additional Business Security Solutions

The above services are but a sampling of our Columbus Business Security Solutions. We also have additional technology in stock, including business intercoms, automation, and more. We make sure that we always have the most modern and up to date technologies available, as well as a comprehensive monitoring service so that your company is at less risk for being attacked in a major crime.

Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions is a local, family owned company that has been serving the Columbus area for many years, and is dedicated to providing better security for businesses in the state of Ohio. If you would like to learn more about any of our business security services, give us a call today at 614-932-1444. We are happy to provide you with a full list of our alarm and security solutions, or schedule time to come up with a free, no obligation quote for your company.