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Many businesses have at least some type of security. The average Columbus business will have, at the very least, a door code, a camera facing the door, or some type of security windows to make sure they do not get robbed. Unlike the average home in Columbus, Ohio, most companies are not without at least a small amount of security.

But then, who monitors your building or office area when you are not at work? And if someone does notice that something is happening, will they be able to call the local authorities in a timely manner?

The Need for Active Business Security Monitoring

You may have security, or employees that keep a vigilant eye on the people around them. But you cannot monitor your business 100% of the time. Whether it’s during off hours when most of your employees have gone home, or you need some type of security to protect specific information, products, machinery, valuables, and more, you don’t just need security – you need Columbus business security monitoring.

The Value of Smart Monitoring

A business without security monitoring is like a security camera that doesn’t work. Sure, it may still detract some criminals, but if there is no one to contact the authorities or monitor your business for crime, you aren’t going to be able to provide your company with the protection it deserves.

At Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions, we are able to offer affordable business security monitoring that can call the police or the fire department as needed, and respond to criminals or danger as quickly as possible. We are a popular choice with:

  • Jewelers
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Banks
  • Liquor Stores
  • Accountants and More

Our Columbus security monitoring services will respond to any business alarm quickly, because they get pinged the moment something is amiss with your business and respond as soon as they receive the warning.

Our solutions are also some of the most affordable, and since we are a local business that is also family owned and has won the Angie’s List Service award on 5 separate occasions, you can trust that when you choose Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions, you are putting your business in great hands.

Call us today at 614-932-1444 to find out more about our business alarm monitoring services, or to get started wiring up your company’s security.