Commercial video surveillance installation and camera options

Have you been considering updating the security system you use to keep your business safe?  With the recent surge in property crimes in the Columbus area, many of our clients are updating their security systems to better protect their establishments and personnel from criminals.  One primary method of doing this is by installing a camera system.

Security cameras have come a long way since their introduction in the late 1960’s.  Using modern HD camera technology, plus digital recording systems capable of storing hundreds of hours of video, businesses are able to protect themselves better than ever before.  Changing tapes is now unnecessary with modern storage mediums, meaning use and maintenance are easier than ever.

Digital Camera Technology in Columbus, Ohio

Security systems which integrate modern camera technology can go above and beyond outdated systems.  Newer technology, depending on the model, can capture HD-quality video, store long hours of content so that systems can be left on indefinitely, or even store the captured video off-site so that sabotage of the storage device is impossible.

Security Cameras Increase Safety

The mere presence of a closed-circuit television system has been shown to lead to significant reductions in criminal activity, using a well-known psychological phenomenon called the “Halo Effect.”  Simply put, people act better when being watched – workers are less likely to engage in theft from their employers, customers are less likely to shoplift, and common criminals less likely to break and enter any concerned property.

Use of CCTV camera technology has been shown to lead to a 47% reduction in overall crime in areas where cameras are present, both by making protected areas look like harder targets and encouraging criminals to look elsewhere.  Now that digital security systems are less expensive than ever, and our state-of-the-art security systems become not only a luxury but a sound investment.

Additional Cost Savings

One additional benefit that applies specifically to business security systems is a marked reduction in insurance premiums for the company.  Not only are you more secure from theft, but the very fact that your establishment is less risky means that your insurance company will consider it a better, less risky investment. This means that in the long term, the cost of the cameras may pay for themselves.

Consider a Business Security Camera System from Ultimate Technology

There are numerous benefits to this type of technology, making the installation of business security cameras an outstanding choice for your company or commercial property. The benefits above only scratch the surface, as many companies experience:

  • Reduced criminal activity in surrounding area, leading to increased consumer traffic
  • Marked reduction in inventory loss due to employee theft and shoplifting in retail environments
  • A reduction in insurance premiums due to reduced risk
  • Peace of mind for employees, and increased safety for your greatest resource

Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions specializes in the repair, installation, replacement, and monitoring of business security cameras in Columbus, Ohio.  We are discreet, reputable, and have been in our community since 2002. Our organization specializes in updating out-of-date security systems or installing brand new security systems with an affordable and secure networked security toolset.  Please contact our sales and service team at 614-932-1444 to discuss your business security system needs in Columbus, Ohio, or let us know if you have any questions about our security solutions.