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Businesses are often easy targets. Unlike homes, where someone can be home at any time of day and criminals know little of the value inside of the home, businesses are essentially open books. Criminals know that your business closes at a certain time. They know that you have a lot of valuable items, including:

  • Equipment – Including machinery, office supplies, assembly lines, and more.
  • Information – Including credit card information, social security numbers, and trade secrets.
  • Products – Including any and all inventory that you carry on site.
  • Cash – Including all money, as well as valuable items you may have on hand.

They may even have an opportunity to see your security system during the day without you even realizing you’re at risk because your business welcomes them inside, and they put you at risk for issues like lawsuits, shrink, and much more – all while you and your workers are home for the night.

That’s why it’s so important for businesses in Columbus to have a commercial alarm system – an affordable and effective alarm system that can sound whenever anyone tries to get into your store or office, and one that will deter criminals from ever trying in the first place.

Our Columbus Business Alarm Systems

Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions is the Columbus business security leader, with a variety of tools and technologies to keep your products, equipment, and information safe. We know how important that a working, active alarm is for security, helping businesses across Ohio both reduce the likelihood of being a victim of a crime, and helping reduce the amount of products that a criminal takes if they do decide to risk attacking your business.

Alarm security systems are an important tool in the fight against crime, and an affordable way to reduce your losses. In some cases they can help you build customer trust, or even reduce your insurance depending on the type of alarm and your current insurance company. If you’re interested in learning more about our business alarm security solutions in Columbus, call Ultimate Technology and Security Solutions today at 614-932-1444, and schedule your no-obligation quote.