Unless you’re part of a franchise with identical appearance policies, no two commercial buildings are the same. Some are plain on the outside and luxurious on the inside, some have a breathtakingly beautiful garden while other have a 15th floor view. Whether you’ve got a modest little hardware store that’s your pride and joy or are leasing a beautiful floor several stories above the ground, the security of your company should be one of your top priorities and for once we’re not talking about firewalls and spam blockers. It’s important to remember in our highly technological world that real crime can happen too, even if you never thought it would happen to you. For this reason, most companies choose to invest in a video security system in their office, around their grounds, and often also to keep an eye on the parking lot.

1) Show a Secure Front

The little things that make people feel safe are often too subtle to identify immediately but some things like security cameras gain a permanent association with secure areas. Your clients and business partners alike will subtly relax when they walk onto your premises and spot a security camera or three out of the corner of their eye. In many ways, these cameras are like your promise to those you serve and work with that their businesses and physical persons will be safe while in your territory.

2) Protection form Burglary Attempts

When burglars and other types of criminals case a commercial property to vandalize or steal from, they often make their final decision based on the apparent security system in place. The number of employees present and their level of alertness factors in to a certain extent but where people can be scared or forget things, a camera is a permanent and unbiased witness. For most intelligent criminals, when they see your security camera array, they’ll steer clear of criminal activity for at least as long as they know a camera can see them, ensuring that your store has a quiet, pleasant shop career.

3) Protection From Liability Scammers

When you opened your business, there’s a very good chance that you signed up for a certain amount of liability insurance. This is in place to ensure that if a legitimate customer or employee, say, slips on a freshly mopped floor that there will be some coverage or payment if they decide to sue. However, there are also certain lower elements of society that know about business liability insurance and are more than happy to fake (or even cause ) an injury then claim a right to your insurance money. Cameras deter these scam artists as well as normal criminals because recordings can effectively prove the scam like falling into a magazine rack without a push from someone else.

4) Fast, Automatic Emergency Response

Of course, cameras aren’t the only part of your business security system. Modern technology allows for fast and easy alert scenarios. If the alarm is switched and neither the business owners nor property managers give the all-clear, then emergency response personnel will be dispatched to check out the situation. If your company really is being burgled, a security system will ensure that the thieves won’t even have time to collect their loot before the automatically called police show up.

Many small businesses can’t afford to have staff on site 24/7, and those with an off-site answering service lack the visibility necessary to ensure their facilities are secure around the clock. With a business security system, they can cover their bases for a fraction of what a lapse in security may cost.

5) Lower Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies appreciate the preventative measures you’re taking by installing a comprehensive security system and some have been known to lower insurance premiums because of this. The criminal and liability scammer deterrent alone is enough for insurance companies to reward you for the investment, but a comprehensive security system a complete commitment to keeping the business safe.

Whether you’re a young company just getting set up or an established industry name looking for a new and better security solution, here at Ultimate Technolgy and Security Solutions, we’re dedicated to making sure you have the exact right security system for your business property. For more business security system tips, contact us today!