There are very few places left on earth where people feel comfortable leaving their doors unlocked while they are away. Night-time burglaries in inhabited houses may sell tickets in Hollywood, but your home is more likely to be robbed during the daytime – when thieves know you are gone and can ransack your belongings in peace.

There are a variety of different types of security systems available for home use that can help deter criminal activity. However, as many victims of theft discover, smashing through your windows provides easy, quick access that can get a thief in and out of your property before help arrives.

Unless the police can locate the thief, the chances of you reclaiming your property are pretty thin. A residential video surveillance system can watch over your property for you, as a stand-alone video monitoring system or as part of a new or existing security system.

As a Stand Alone System

Modern video security systems are able to record and transmit in a variety of ways. They can be programmed to record constantly, at prescheduled times or during motion events in their field of view. This data is then stored on a DVR, which you can access locally or through your mobile device. Using video surveillance to record and monitor areas of your home can help ensure the safety of your home, its contents and your family.

As Part of an Alarm System

Having an alarm system will tell you that your property has been invaded, having a video security system will tell you who did it, what they took and can help you to reclaim your property. An alarm system does not collect and store data beyond the status of its systems. Events such as key entry, alarm activation and power outages are recorded and reported back to a monitoring company. When an alarm system is paired with video surveillance you are given the ability to monitor the events surrounding an alarm, allowing you to look back at after a crime has been committed.


Your home’s wireless network can be used to transmit data from cameras located anywhere within its range, making for a versatile, modular solution. Wireless cameras remove the need to run cabling through the walls and ceilings of your home. Anywhere you have access to an electrical outlet you can install a wireless camera, including:

  • Yards
  • Outdoor entrances and porches
  • Living rooms and dens
  • Home offices and trophy rooms
  • Nurseries
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • And any other area of your home

There are a variety of flexible camera options available for any location – From wide-angle, outdoor bullet cameras designed to oversee your yard, to small, inconspicuous interior dome cameras for your home-office.

You can also access pre-recorded and live, streaming video from your cameras online with the use of your mobile device or through an internet web browser. Modern video surveillance systems offer flexible configurations and access so you can monitor what you want from anywhere you want to do it.

Professional Home Protection

Many factors go into selecting cameras and planning your surveillance strategy. Knowledge of signal degradation rates, optical FOV and camera resolutions are required to create the right security plan for your home. Hiring a professional company to design, install and maintain your video surveillance system ensures that you have access to the clearest video and the best products available.

A professional company can also assist you in finding the right solution for your price-point. With access to a variety of high-quality products, they can design a system with you in mind.

The right security set up can keep your family and belongings safe. Contact Ultimate Technology & Security Solutions online or by phone at 614-932-1444 today to discuss video monitoring and security solutions for your home.