Smart homes are offering the best options available to improve security and convenience. Embrace home automation security and convert an average house into an intelligent home. Do more than just protect your loved ones and property. Upgrade your lifestyle with the technology that can remotely control a network of appliances, devices, and operating systems. Here are 7 benefits of home automation that are irresistible lifestyle upgrades:

Remote Control Lighting: Get more than an alarm that signals an entry breach. Have the ability to turn on a light when you are not even home. This enables energy savings away and increased security right before you arrive. And just as you can turn lights on remotely, you can also turn them off. Perhaps you left for the day and forgot about the lights. No need to waste all that energy. Tap and turn off. It’s as easy as that.

Remote Control Door Locks: Unlock a door to enable access for someone who needs entry but is without a key. This might be a neighbor who is coming over to feed the cat while you are away. It could be one of your children returning from school. Or, perhaps it’s a first responder, arriving to help a loved one who is immobilized and in need of help. And it works in reverse. Uncertain if you locked the door behind you when you left for work distracted with a phone call? Refer to your smartphone and secure your home from anywhere.

Automated Security Cameras: You may not be home but you can still keep eyes on all that is important. Want to check in on the kids? No problem. Curious about why all the sofa cushions are on the floor whenever you return home? Tap and view to discover that Fido has a wild home-alone party the moment the car leaves the driveway. Need documentation to support a homeowner’s insurance claim about how the bathtub fell through the ceiling? Save the clips from that video to download and email.

Climate Control: The heating and cooling system of a home creates the highest demand for energy. Improve control of these systems and enjoy more energy-efficiency. Better yet, enjoy greater savings on utility bills. Thermostat adjustments can be performed at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. And before you arrive home, it’s easy to make thermostat adjustments so that you arrive at a cozy, comfortable home.

Greener Use Of Appliances: Within every home are an array of appliances and electronic devices. Many are already rated for improved energy-efficiency. Home automation allows for more precise control which enhances energy-efficiency benefits. Home automation results in greener living.

Roll With The Upgrades: A standard security system has to be completely replaced if a homeowner desires to upgrade to the latest model with more features. Not so with a home automation system. Get connected and stay updated continuously. Enjoying the latest developments is as easy as tapping the update prompt.

Convenience Upgrade: Schedule programmability for virtually every electronically controlled device or system of a home makes life more convenient. Lighting activates or turns off according to a family’s routine. Systems operate in the background of your life, automatically, on time and efficiently. The lawn looks great and you don’t even have to think about the sprinkler, not even to distinguish the difference between seasonal watering needs. The convenience upgrade of a home automation system is invaluable when it comes to energy-efficiency and peace of mind.

Are you ready to upgrade your home’s security? It’s easier than you think to put it all together. It starts with a call to a home automation security professional. Contact us and we can get you started with your own smart home upgrade.