Residents in Upper Arlington, Ohio may not be certain that they really need a monitored security system in their business or home. After all, crime stats for Upper Arlington reflect that it has a fairly good rating on the national crime index. Scoring a 66, Upper Arlington is considered 66% safer than other cities in the nation. It sounds like Upper Arlington is a nice place to live. But what is it about the city that disqualifies the city from 34 more points?

The bulk of Upper Arlington’s crime problem lies in theft and burglary. On average, Upper Arlington has a little more than 400 property crimes each year. For every 1,000 residents, 11 will become victims of property crime. Annually, over three hundred Upper Arlington residents are victims of theft. More than eighty are burglarized each year.

Considering the police department has about 30 law enforcement officers patrolling on every shift, working to keep the public safe in a city of about 35,000 citizens, do you still think that having a monitored security system is an option? Examine the benefits before making a final decision:

Intruder Protection in Columbus, Ohio

One of the worst nightmares a resident could ever face is a home invasion. For a parent this worst case scenario is even more horrific if it were to happen when parents were away and adolescents or teenagers were home alone or a baby was with the sitter. A proven deterrent to intruders is the presence of a monitored home security.

Even if a burglar was bold and confident enough to gain entry despite knowing the home is monitored, the automatic timely warning system of a monitored home security system assures that an invader will not stick around for long.

Home invasions perpetrated purposely when a family is at home indicates deeply sinister purposes. A monitored home security system that can automatically dispatch first responders could be the difference between life and death for the entire family.

Fire Protection for Families of Upper Arlington

Smoke inhalation is the common cause of death in residential fires. If a fire breaks out while a family sleeps, without a proper warning system in place, sleeping residents can soon succumb to the effects of smoke inhalation. Without a proper warning system, it could become impossible for a family to escape.

A monitored home security system first warns all occupants of the presence of a fire by detecting smoke within the house.  State of the art heat detectors can also be incorporated into a security system which can sound an alarm before a fire has actually ignited. This is critical for safety and security because it only takes a single flame thirty seconds to become a raging fire in the right conditions.

After alerting occupants of the danger of a fire, a monitored security system then automatically alerts and dispatches first responders. Critical help arrives in the timeliest manner possible to increase the chances of survival for the residents as well as possibly save the structure of the home.

The Covert Killer

For homeowners who have appliances or heating systems that use natural gas, the safety importance of carbon monoxide monitoring cannot be overlooked. This gas is colorless and odorless. A resident would never know they were being poisoned until it was too late.

Carbon monoxide detectors operate according to the same principles as smoke and heat detectors, sounding when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are present within the home. Automatic dispatch of first responders to a carbon monoxide alert is invaluable considering that carbon monoxide poisoning often results in a person feeling confused or unconscious. A monitored security system calls for help when you can’t call for help yourself.

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