Crime stats in Central Ohio communities, especially Dublin, can be daunting to those who are considering moving to the community. The community leaders strive to decrease the statistics, but, at times, the statistics are not in anyone’s favor. Knowing the crime stats helps families protect themselves, but higher statistics of crime should not deter a family from relocating or remaining in an area. A family has choices and options to decrease crimes against themselves and their properties.

Welcome to Dublin, Ohio

The community of Dublin, Ohio, is a heartwarming area. The town holds an extensive Earth Day celebration, as well as an award-winning Fourth of July party. Expansions are ongoing, and the town publishes its own magazine, Healthy, geared toward helping families live healthier lives. With a population of over 43,000, Dublin continues to grow and prosper, thanks to their high population of creative developers.

Life is busy in Dublin, with such a high population rate. Unfortunately, higher population rates mean higher crime rates, and Dublin is no exception. Dublin receives a rank of 69 out of 100 for safest cities in the United States, and has 8 violent crimes annually. Crimes against properties happen 476 times a year on average in Dublin.

The good news is that these statistics are well below the national average for a city the size of Dublin. One person’s chance of becoming a victim of violent or property crimes in Dublin is 1 in 5527. The same chance of crime against a person in Ohio as a state is 1 in 351.

Business & Home Security in Dublin, Ohio: Better Safe Than Sorry

Dublin has higher crime rates than other towns in the same county, but some areas of Dublin are safer than others. The Jerome neighborhood, on the north end of town, is rated as the safest with the lowest crime rates. City Center holds the highest rate of crime, and is deemed the most dangerous part of the city to live or have a business.

Residents and city leaders strive to reduce crime in their individual communities, whether they live in Jerome and have a business in Center City, or interact in any of the other three boroughs of Dublin. Many business owners, leaders, and residents become interested in burglar alarms, security systems, cameras, and other security installments to keep everyone safe and happy.

Many alarm systems will connect to Dublin’s police station or emergency services. If a property is broken into, or if a person is harmed, an immediate alarm alerts the proper authorities, so help can arrive faster. Other types of alarms simply deter criminals from offending a property by producing a loud noise or other distraction if a criminal attempts to break into the building.

Reliable Security Monitoring Solution in Dublin, Ohio

Monitoring services are also popular around Dublin, where business owners can watch their investments on the go. Home owners can check locks from afar, and families can check in with each other, using specific security systems installed in the home, mobile devices, or business locations.

It makes sense to purchase an alarm system in the Dublin community, where crime is slightly higher than other towns in the same county. Sadly, statistics prove that security systems are a smart investment, even in the quieter parts of town. While it would be nice to believe in the goodness of all people, the statistics prove that crime is still a reality of life. Keep the home and business safe with a security system that lets you do it all from the convenience of your home. Look into different systems to fit your needs and keep you connected with your family members.

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