Powell, Ohio, is a comparatively safe area. Crime in this area is 71% lower than throughout the rest of Ohio, with 94% less violent crime than the Ohio average. This safe little area seems like the perfect place to raise a family. You might even think, at first glance, that in a safe area like Powell, a security system and other basic security essentials aren’t a necessity. Even in this essentially safe area, however, security is essential to protecting your family.

Crime Happens

For every 100,000 people in the Powell area, there were 16 violent crimes and 870 reported thefts. While these numbers are incredibly low compared to national averages, they still mean that people are going to experience both violent and property crimes. You don’t want that to be your family! Installing a quality security system will help deter thieves and keep your home, family, and possessions safe and provide an additional layer of confidence. Statistically speaking, you’re highly unlikely to experience a crime against yourself or your property while in the Powell area, but when it comes to home security, you can’t be too careful. Ensure that you don’t become one of those statistics by protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your property.  

Security Turns Thieves Away

When thieves are looking for a place to burglarize, they seek out what appears, to them, to be an easy target. If it’s your goal to keep thieves at bay, you want to have a security system in place. This might include security cameras and closed circuit television (cctv) that allows you to monitor what is happening everywhere on your property with the press of a button or a simple app. Cameras are highly visible, and a thief who sees them will know that the property is being monitored. Typically, thieves will move on from a home that is closely monitored, especially by a system that they know will identify them to the police and choose another target.

A burglar alarm is also an excellent theft deterrent. When the alarm goes off, particularly if it is connected to a known security company, the burglar knows that someone will be coming quickly to check things out. At that point, they’re more likely to leave the property and try again somewhere else than they are to go ahead with the theft.

Protection Isn’t Paranoia

“You’re just being paranoid.” “We don’t even lock our back door at night. What are you so worried about?” “Don’t you think that’s a little excessive?” If you’re living in Powell, these are the kinds of comments you might get from friends, neighbors, and family members when you choose to install a security alarm or other security system. What you must remember, however, is that protection isn’t paranoia. You aren’t worrying unnecessarily; you’re providing the extra layer of security your family needs in order to sleep soundly. When crime does strike, whether it’s a theft or an individual seeking violence, you want to know that you’re well-prepared. You’ll never regret having a quality security system. You will, however, regret failing to install a security system if the need arises and you don’t have one.

Ready to install a security system that will help keep your home and family safe and provide you with that additional layer of peace of mind? Don’t put it off for tomorrow. Contact us today to learn more about how a home security system can benefit your family. Even if it’s never used for anything more than alerting you to the fact that a wayward teenager has arrived home far past curfew, a quality security system is a decision that you’ll never regret.