When consulting crime stats in Central Ohio communities, Gahanna is one of the higher crime cities of Ohio. In fact, it is listed on the national crime index at “40” with “100” being the safest city. Although Gahanna residents see their fair share of violent crime, property crime is where the largest problem lies. Although one out of every 1,490 people in Gahanna run the risk of being a victim of violent crime, chances of being a victim of property crime are much greater. Crime data suggests that one out of every 54 persons in Gahanna will be a victim of property crime such as theft or burglary. Crime statistics based on data from the year 2014 reflect that overall violent crime in Gahanna is almost 104% higher than the national average whereas property crime is about 117% higher than the national average. Of all property crimes, theft remains the most common.

Peace of Mind for Homeowners in Gahanna Communities

Almost 75% of Gahanna households are owner-occupied. Property crime can be a costly event for homeowners. FBI crime data from 2012 suggests that over $15 billion in losses were suffered by victims of property crimes throughout the nation. The best way a homeowner can protect their investment is by installing a monitored home security system. Today’s security systems offer comprehensive coverage where home safety is involved:


  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Fire detection
  • Panic alarms
  • Security sensors
  • Smoke detection


With everything tied in to local law enforcement and fire departments, timely response not only protects property but can save lives. Residents who invest in a monitored home security system tip the scales in their favor against becoming a victim of property crime.

State of the art technology goes into modern security systems. They can actively protect residents when they are at home just as effectively as when they are away. At-home mode has sensors that adjust to the normal activity within a home. Family members can go about their business as usual confident that an alarm will sound if an area  or point of access that is “off-limits” is breached.

While away, residents can rest easy, confident in the layers of protection a monitored security system provides:

  • Layer #1 Notification – Any would-be thief will immediately notice yard signs and window stickers that inform him that this is a house protected by a monitored home security system. This is a homeowner’s first line of defense. Burglars want to get in and out as fast as they can without getting noticed. Realizing a monitored security system is at play is one of the strongest deterrent for thieves.
  • Layer #2 Alarm – Once breached, the sound of alarms signal to burglars and neighbors that something is amiss with your home. Even if a burglar has gained entry into your home, as soon as the alarms sound they are not going to stick around and continue to gather loot.
  • Layer #3 First Responders – The moment a sensor is triggered the monitoring security agency contacts residents. First responders can be dispatched within mere moments.

Residential Security Systems in Gahanna Ohio

Residents should evaluate their home security status. There are certain deterrents that have been proven effective when used in conjunction with a monitored home security system to keep loved ones and property as safe as possible:

  • Visible, high-quality window and door locks. Don’t try to save a nickel here. Get the strongest protection available.
  • Establish the habit of keeping doors and windows locked when at home or away. It seems so obvious that it should not even have to be mentioned. The truth is, however, that many people leave windows open when the weather is lovely or doors open to catch a breeze through a screen. Burglars are most active when the weather is fair and they are looking for just such an opportunity as this. Lock up!
  • Upgrade to a monitored home security system with motion activated security cameras and lights. Nothing puts a burglar on the defense like a homeowner with a good offense.

Ultimate Technology & Security by Your Side

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