Crime statistics in Central Ohio communities reflect that if you live on the outer fringes of Delaware, Ohio, that’s where residents should “beware”.  Compiled data on crime reveals just how dangerous Delaware, Ohio is, or, is not, depending on other cities you may be comparing it to.

Overall, compared to national averages, Delaware enjoys an overall crime rate that is twenty-one percent lower. All in all, Delaware is considered about fifty-percent safer than other American cities. When you go further and break down Delaware’s crime statistics into violent crime and property crime, it becomes obvious that property crime is where the bulk of Delaware’s crime problem lies. Theft, in particular, has the highest rate of all crimes present in Delaware. For every 100,000 residents, about 1,685 will be affected by theft, 440 will be burglarized, and 38 will have an automobile stolen.

Keeping Homes & Businesses Safe in Delaware, Ohio

To help lower statistics even more, and make Delaware an even safer place than it already is, residents should invest in a sound security system, protecting their loved ones and property. Business owners and managers should install appropriate security devices and protect their investment.

Comprehensive alarm systems can be customized to meet any personal security need. With an abundance of manufacturers and professional installers, home security is affordable for virtually any budget. Door and window alarms, covering all entry and exit points, and adjustability of alarm sensitivity for pet owners, the variety integrated into today’s systems can match any desire a client may have.

And why use a security camera in the home? Shouldn’t a resident be concerned with privacy? Security cameras are a proven, effective measure to keep property safe.  Their high visibility makes them a leader among devices that deter crime. And, with scanning abilities, practically every inch of property can be protected. With professional monitoring services, security cameras offer protection even when you are away.

Making the Most of Today’s Security Technology in Delaware, Ohio

Often, one of the most common mistakes that render a security system useless is the habit of not activating the system. Now, with technological advances, complete automation is available. Not only is a system “smart” enough to arm itself, but it can lock or unlock a door, turn lights on or off. These features can be accessed by professional monitors or from a resident’s own smart electronic device.

But why use a professional monitoring service if a security system can be monitored by the resident from a smart electronic device? Because professionals are on the job 24/7. Residents are distracted with real life: baseball games, movies, birthday parties, etc. So, the professionals can keep your property secure and dispatch authorities to respond to any threat and you can get on with the business of living.

So, although Delaware, Ohio enjoys a rather high safety ranking when it comes to crime, it’s not completely safe. Keep your property and loved ones safe. Invest in a quality home security system. Take advantage of the advances of the latest technology to put a security system to work for you, one that virtually does all the work itself. Whether you want to enjoy automated convenience at home, not having to give your security system a second thought, or be able to travel away from home with complete peace of mind, today’s technology will keep your residence or business safe.

Professional Security System Installation in Delaware, Ohio

Statistics reflect that a security system is the number one deterrent for crime, particularly theft, which is Delaware’s most serious crime issue. Please contact us today for a free security assessment so that you don’t become a victim of theft in Delaware. Our experienced professionals can prepare a free quote on a solution for your security system needs. With a wide variety of effective options, we are confident that any security need you have can be met.