Learning the crime stats in central Ohio communities is an important part of living in the state, whether a family is moving there, or has lived there for years. Understanding the crime rate, and the type of most prevalent crime, helps families protect themselves and the homes they’ve worked to obtain.

Sunbury: A Family Community in Delaware, Ohio

The town of Sunbury, Ohio, is a quaint, quiet place, with a population hovering between 4,000 and 5,000 citizens. The town is built in picturesque New England fashion, centered around an old-fashioned town hall and central town square. The town rests silently off I-71, which is one of the reasons it is the home to the Fallen Heroes Memorial for the state of Ohio. It is in Delaware County, Ohio, and is also the home of an auto parts manufacturer for Honda.

Life seems simple in Sunbury. It is the quintessential relocation spot for anyone wishing to quietly raise a family and maintain a scheduled family life. However, crime doesn’t have town limits; even the smallest, most tight-knit communities are targeted on occasion. Sunbury, Ohio is one of the safest communities in America, but it does hold its own crime statistics.

The Real Dangers in Sunbury, Ohio

Sunbury is rated as 70 on the national crime index. This number is out of 100, and it means that Sunbury is safer than 70% of all cities in America. The type of crime that visits Sunbury the most is crimes against property, which means criminals are targeting vehicles, homes, or public buildings for crime-related activity. In fact, only 3 violent crimes occurred in Sunbury Ohio in 2015. 50 crimes were committed against properties in the same year. The total number of crimes committed in Sunbury, Ohio, per 1,000 residents, was 10.80 annually.

Sunbury is a safe community, with the Kilbourne area in the north being the safest, most secure area to keep property. However, the statistics prove that Sunbury residents must keep property secure to keep peace of mind in this serene area. Many residents are interested in home security systems, burglar alarms, security cameras, or other forms of security for the home or business.

Keeping Sunbury, Ohio Families & Businesses Safe 

An alarm system can connect to the Sunbury police station, fire station, other emergency services, or simply deter criminals from targeting a location. A security camera located at the front door is a common deterrent to bold criminals who use the main entrance; a whole building alarm is an alert for a disturbance anywhere else around the building. Some businesses or homes opt for a security system that offers more, such as monitoring on the go, options to check the lights and locks, and other conveniences.

The usefulness of a security system cannot be traded when a community is serious about reducing overall crime. Security cameras were an essential tool in the Boston Marathon bombing, and they are a legal method for convicting a criminal in a court of law. Alarms alert neighbors, who will alert authorities in a town such as Sunbury, where everyone knows everyone. A system connected to the authorities calls police faster, who will respond to make sure there are no present dangers when an alarm activates.

Purchasing An Alarm System in Sunbury, Ohio

Purchasing an alarm system in a town such as Sunbury may seem unnecessary when a resident is experiencing the subtle charms of this town. However, the statistics prove that an alarm system is a necessary reality, where the criminals are more interested in offending a building when the owners have stepped away. This town is so beautiful and the community is close, so a resident will often step away from the home or business to work or enjoy the numerous community activities. Keeping a home or business safe in the absence of the owner is best accomplished with a security system in Sunbury, Ohio.

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